Welcome to TissueHub

A place for all companies that want to explore, test and get the best tissue products.

The only tissue converting line available on the market with full width capability 2,850 mm (112″) is located at TissueHub.
At Gambini, customers are able carry out realistic tests and get a clear and reliable idea of the final results.
At TissueHub any company can develop and design its own personalized embossing.



You bring the paper

There is a place where your vision is worth exploring. Start challenging your tissue paper.


We put the technology into it

It’s a place where your ideas deserve to be tested. Come and discover your upcoming products.


Let’s do it together

TissueHub is the place where tissue is born. Let us take care of your needs and expectations.


A place where you can immediately check the results

An equipped laboratory where you can check the characteristics of the products in real time.

Design and test new tissue products
Check and certify new Gambini technologies
Develop new embossing patterns
Test suppliers’ products (glue, cardboard)
Train your operators
Make trial samples (up to 50,000 rolls)

Customize your embossings