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Tissue converting lines and much more.

Our philosophy is that of tailor made. Over 150 years of business we have learned to create technologies capable of satisfying the well-being of the end consumer.

We have created converting lines – professional and consumer lines – to be assembled according to our customers’ needs. Furthermore, we have invented individual components able to revolutionize existing lines.

Tailor-made technologies but still with excellent quality, because well-being cannot be separated from quality. In our TissueHub, which is a laboratory of ideas, this is what we do: test the combinations of our machines to ensure quality at every stage of production.

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Who leads us


The Gambini family, now in its fourth and fifth generation with Giovanni and Gianni, has always led the company. Thanks to the dedication of the members of the Board of Directors and of more than 170 collaborators, in Italy and in the United States, today Gambini is an extended family.

Here are the people who every day contribute with passion to the growth of our company.

Board of Directors

Giovanni Gambini
Gianni Gambini
Executive Member of the Board of Directors
Massimo Nannini
Chief Executive Officer Chief Human Resources Officer
Nicoletta Menchelli
Chief Financial Officer
Carlo Berti
Chief Business Officer
Paolo Lazzareschi
Chief Technology Officer
Enrico Fruzzetti
Chief Operations Officer