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    The textured look of tissue reaches also toilet paper rolls

    Gambini is Research & Development, innovation, and future.

    We continue, first and foremost, to find new applications for our technologies.

    AirMill is the first wet embosser on the market: through the system that first wets and then heats the paper, it allows obtaining products that were impossible until now.

    In its most classic use, AirMill proves to be a product booster, to be used with two purposes: it can be used to increase the bulk of a roll, or to preserve its strength. In both cases, in addition to the desired enhancement, it allows saving on cellulose fibers, by reducing the original grammage of the paper or by modifying the pulp mix during production in the paper mill.

    This use as a “product booster” is then accompanied by the great innovation of the textured effect, typical of TAD and structured papers. “Comparable TAD” is the paper that the AirMill is able to achieve starting from LDC tissue paper: kitchen towel or toilet paper whose feel and look are similar to TAD and which achieve performances comparable to hybrid papers.

    In the specific case of toilet paper, the Comparable TAD – in addition to reducing the fibers – can make the roll much fluffy; moreover, the texturisation, which gives the paper a more noble appearance, allows it to clean more thoroughly.

    At this link you can download a technical sheet with the main characteristics of the sample products (concept) created at the TissueHub with AirMill technology, in the two modes: “product booster” and Comparable TAD.